نحول المساحات لنمط حياة أفضل منذ عام 1985

38 Years of Innovation: A Glimpse into IBS Automation’s Storied History

تأسست شركة IBS Automation في عام 1985، وهي ليست مجرد مزود حلول هندسية ذكية؛ نحن شهادة على قوة الخبرة. مع أكثر من 38 عامًا من الخبرة في هذا المجال، اتسمت رحلتنا بالابتكار والقدرة على التكيف والالتزام المستمر بتقديم الحلول المتطورة...

A Journey Through Time: Our story begins in the realm of Industrial Power & Control, where we laid the foundation for what would become a pioneering force in the smart automation industry. As the years unfolded, we expanded our expertise to Building and Residential Automation, embracing new technologies and methodologies to stay ahead of the curve.

Diversification and Excellence: In 2014, recognizing the demand for comprehensive solutions, we diversified our range of offerings to include intrusion systems, fire alarms, audio/video integration, and more. We became a KNX Partner in 2015, achieving multiple certifications that underscored our commitment to excellence.

Pioneering DMX Sound to Light: 2018 marked a significant milestone as we pioneered DMX Sound to Light and Audio solutions, adding another dimension to our repertoire. This innovative approach allowed us to create immersive and dynamic environments where sound and light harmoniously dance together.

Why Experience Matters: In an industry driven by technological advancements, experience matters. It’s the insight gained from decades of navigating changes, embracing challenges, and consistently delivering solutions that stand the test of time. When you choose IBS Automation, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re partnering with a legacy of innovation and unwavering dedication.

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