Contracting with IBS Automation


With comprehensive end-to-end solutions, from supervision to installation and testing, we ensure that your project is completed to the highest Smart Automation Contracting standards, on time, and within budget.

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Holding a map in contracting

Meticulously Overseeing Projects

We provide end-to-end supervision, meticulously overseeing every aspect of your project to ensure quality and adherence to standards within our contracting procedures.

in the field engineer during smart automation contracting session

Ensuring Seamless Onsite Execution

Our dedication extends to onsite follow-up, ensuring seamless execution and prompt resolution of any arising matters.

Smart Automation Contracting - expert on the field

Ensuring Precise Installation

From concept to reality, we ensure precise and efficient installation of all components, optimizing functionality during the whole Contracting or Smart Automation Contracting process.

Rigorously Testing and Commissioning

Rigorous testing and commissioning guarantee that your systems perform flawlessly especially during Smart Automation Contracting and in accordance with specifications.

Smart Automation Contracting with IBS Automation - in the field

Confirming Seamless System Operation

Thorough testing confirms the seamless operation of your systems during contracting, enhancing their reliability and performance.

contracting engineer on the field

Holistically Handling Project Elements

Our holistic approach extends to handling all project elements, ensuring a smooth Contracting process and exceptional outcomes.

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